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Clever Frame® – Modular and Portable Exhibition System

Clever Frame® is the most innovative modular exhibition system in the UK. It’s a fully portable, tool-less modular exhibition system that can work for you during different events all year round.

Our modular exhibition stands can be used on various events such as: exhibitions, graduate fairs, trade shows, conferences, press releases, welcome stands, point of sales, and many more.

Modular Exhibition Stands

Clever Frame® brings you the most innovative modular exhibition stand on the market. It’s a cost effective exhibition stand which enables you to use rigid panels.

Clever Frame® modular exhibition stands are very easy to set up.

Using two types of connectors allows you to build your exhibition stand in just 15 minutes.

You can connect the frames in various configurations. Replaceable, magnetic graphic panels will help you change instantly and easily the arrangement of your exhibition stand when necessary and adapt it to available space.


Easy to Build Exhibition Stand

Make a statement with your marketing at conferences, exhibitions and trade shows with the most aesthetically pleasing, simple to build presentation stand.

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Clever Frame® is a reusable system that allows customers to change the shape and arrangement of the display. 

You can start from just two frame modules and then expand this portable exhibition system depending on your budget or exhibiting space.

It’s a multifunctional, award winning system that has been chosen by the most demanding customers.

Clever Frame® Customers

We’ve been trusted by large multi-national companies through to SMEs to enhance their marketing with our innovative exhibition stand.

Clever Frame® is based on lightweight aluminium frames – modules, joined with patented aluminium connectors. Graphic panels are made from 3mm rigid PVC with hi-resolution printed and laminated vinyl overlay. Panels come with magnetic strips at the back for easy replacement. The system can be customised to your individual needs which can enable limitless possibilities of configurations and accessories. 

Presentation Stand Examples

You can build large and small exhibition stands, depending on your needs. You can also attach panels to both sides of your exhibition stand and create doors and private rooms for a more relaxed feel.

One system, one price. The possibilities are endless with our modular, portable exhibition system. Clever Frame® offers the most innovative, easily to assemble and modular sales support system for your organisation.


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