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Clever Frame® Exhibition Stands Accessories




Clever Frame UK modular exhibition stand - connectors


The modules are assembled together using special connectors, without any additional tools.



Clever Frame UK - modular exhibition stands - angle joints


Use hinges to create stunning, irregularly – shaped constructions under a variety of angles, including a 90 -degree angle. Sold with a pair of connectors.


Clever Frame UK - modular exhibition system - Transporting trolleys

Flight Cases

Trolleys facilitate transport of frames

(6 pieces on average). It can be modified to carry up to 10 frames.



Corner profiles and masking profiles

Corner profiles are parts to join two, three or four frames at one time.



Clever Frame UK - modular displays - Connector bags

Connectors Bag

Special bags, designed for storing connectors. Each bag can accommodate up to 40 connectors.



Clever Frame UK - portable exhibition stands - doors

Door System

Clever Frame® enables you to create an enclosed space such as back-up facilities.

There is an option to fit locks, staples and bolts.


Clever Frame UK - portable exhibition stand - shelving system

Shelving System

Both frames and pylons can be equipped with a wide range of shelves, supports and hangers.

Shelves are available in several widths and different materials.


Clever Frame UK - portable stands - Lightning

Spot Lights

Clever Frame® fair lights available in two options: 150 W halogens or 20 W LED’s with 1800 lumens



Clever Frame UK - multifunctional exhibition stand - TV holders

TV holders

TV brackets are dedicated to mount tv in or out side of the frame. Tv bracket can fit tv at 32 and 42 inches depending on the frame size.


Clever Frame UK - multifunctional exhibition stands - Leaflet holders

Literature Holder

Literature holder at A4 / A3 size for modular exhibition stands from Clever Frame®



Clever Frame UK - multifunctional displays - Transport bags

Graphic Panels Bags

Water proof carry bags are available at different sizes (6 to 8 graphic panels per bag)




Clever Frame UK - exhibition system - Counters

Free Standing Counters

Mounted from standard frames, available with shelving and lockable doors.

Ideal for information and sales points.


Clever Frame UK - trade fair stands - Interior lightning

Internal Lights

Dedicated for illuminated graphic panels made from 3mm opal with printed graphics.



Clever Frame UK - trade show stands - Lateral system

Lateral Support

Suitable for wide areas, particularly straight walls and divided pylons.

Available in several heights


Clever Frame UK - configurable exhibition stands - Floor system and wooden panels

Floor Systems

It can be used to create platforms and is ideal for arranging an exhibition area.



Since the Clever Frame® modular exhibition system offers an extraordinary amount of arrangements and can be used on the vast majority of promotions, many of the accessories are created or offered to customers after getting familiar with their exact needs. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask our sales representatives about additional accessories.