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Eco Friendly

Our Eco-Friendly Approacheco friendly exhibition stands

When we created the Clever Frame® modular & portable exhibition system we put a great emphasis on the environmental aspects. We are conscious of the issue of protecting the environment. It is extremely important to us and the majority of our customers.

Using Clever Frame® in your promotional activities can help protect the environment, due to the fact that Clever Frame® is a reusable exhibition system. This significantly differentiates our presentation stands from the conventional promotional systems.

Each of the elements of the Clever Frame® set can be reprocessed or recycled.

While other exhibition stands may be re-usable, it’s often the case that they’ll be scraped and renewed every couple of years to meet new marketing objectives. With our exhibition system, you don’t need to start afresh with a new frame as it’s durable and reliable, meaning you simply need to create new graphic panels. Also, if you target different channels in your marketing strategy, you don’t need to create multiple exhibition stands as you can change the graphic panels to reflect the story your trying to tell.

All of these benefits mean your supporting the environment and reducing waste.