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6 Frames Set

Clever Frame® 6 Frames Set. Small Exhibition Stand

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  • 6 Frames
  • Trolley to Transport Set Easily
  • Connectors
  • Original Clever Frame® Waterproof Carrier Bag for Connectors
  • Lateral Support
  • Table
  • 6 Graphic Panels
  • Original Clever Frame® Waterproof Carrier Bag for Graphic Panels (1 Bag fits max. 6 panels)
  • Gloves, Carton Box, Microfiber Cloth, Lanyard with Panel-Removing Sucker, Manual
  • 5 years warranty*
  • 1 year warranty on graphic panels

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The most popular accessories are:

  • Lights
  • TV Holder
  • Shelf
  • Additional 6 Graphic Panels for the back of the set (if needed) + 2nd Carrier Bag for Graphic Panels (1 Bag fits max. 6 Frames)

Clever Frame® was launched in 2010 we did not have any major issues during last 5 years, but we always work with customers to make sure that they get the best service possible.

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Minimum 25 configurations at a price of 1 set!

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