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Exhibition Stands

Clever Frame® – Customise your modular, portable and tool-lees exhibition stand.


Clever Frame® Exhibition Stands

It takes years to build a brand that reflects the quality of your product and service, which is why it’s important that through every element of your marketing planning you’re working to maintain and enhance that brand. Our exhibition stands at Clever Frame® are trusted by some of the world’s leading companies because they reflect quality, exceptional customisation and an elegant design which can’t help but impress prospective customers.

If you’re organisation is exhibiting and promoting your products and services at exhibition events, roadshows or conferences, be sure to ask us how we can help your brand. We offer free designs to show you how your promotional stand would look and work with you to incorporate important elements


Customise the design of your modular exhibition stand to suit your business and it’s values, alternatively Clever Frame® can help add extra creativity when required.



Modular exhibition stands should help your brand stand out from the crowd and your competitors, helping to grow brand awareness at crucial events. 


Our exhibition stands are an excellent price but can also be used again and again, helping to make it  an affordable marketing product.

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Why Clever Frame® ?

Clever Frame® Modular Exhibition Stand – it means you can easily assemble and dismantle your exhibition stand without the need for complex construction.
It’s a portable exhibition stand so you can transport the stand easily.
Your exhibition stand will be robust and unlike other exhibition stands, the Clever Frame® is durable. 
If you’re talking to different audiences you can target your message with customised graphics panels. Most exhibition stands won’t allow you to have interchangeable messages, however in today’s modern business environment you may be selling your products and services through different channels and a customised, targeted message is vital.
Our exhibition stands are lightweight and easy to transport.

There’s an extensive warranty for the Clever Frame® Exhibition Stands hardware.
Costs savings are important at Clever Frame®. With our exhibition stand, you can have a superior promotional exhibition stand and save money because you won’t be continually purchasing new frames – modules
Because you won’t be renewing your exhibition stand every few years, your business will be greener. You may decide to change your graphics panels but your exhibition frames – modules should last for at least 5 years.
For some events, you may not have the floor space required for a large display stand – but Clever Frame® can help. Your Clever Frame® exhibition stand can be anything from 6 frames – modules, up to 24 frames and beyond. So, for the smaller events you can customise the size of your exhibition stand display for maximum opportunity.
Exhibition stands can be designed, produced and delivered to meet your timescale requirements.